Combining abstract structure with animated life forms

Photographer: James Lange

Photographer: James Lange


Known for exploring the theatrical effect of combining abstract structure with animated life forms, Philomena also loves to paint and draw.

An excellent draughtsman, Philomena likes to relax by producing whimsical portraits of family and friends.


Philomena escorts HM Queen around the Chelsea Harbour Sculpture'93 exhibition, London. Sponsored by P&O

Philomena escorts HM Queen around the Chelsea Harbour Sculpture'93 exhibition, London. Sponsored by P&O

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Philomena working on a sculpture in bronze titled "Fairway" commissioned by Sir Peter Michael CBE for Donnington Valley Hotel & Golf Course, Newbury, UK.

Philomena working on a sculpture in bronze titled "Fairway" commissioned by Sir Peter Michael CBE for Donnington Valley Hotel & Golf Course, Newbury, UK.


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